Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sunday Sunday here again in tidy attire

I love sundays...
BBC 1 from 10am till 12pm
copius cups of coffee
The Independant (not just the colour suppliment)

2 things special to THIS sunday

Andrew Marr told me that Jade Goody had died, i've slagged her off, laughed at her, viewed her as 'car-crash' entertainment... now she's dead, they say peacefully, but whats peacefull about getting cancer at 27?
was i allowed to think she was an idiot when she was healthy? do i have to feel ashamed now because she's died?
i do feel sad and it is sad, and i also laughed AT her.
thats it, no analysis.
oh and its mothers day - bit of a coup for the synical of us

today i revisited a warm fuzzy feeling i had when i got married - a room full of people all there for one thing; me (and caz of course)
being with the ppl that matter, and care
the feedback i am getting for my 'zine project is fantastic - the ideas, the effort, and the talents i never knew these ppl had
like everyone says, i really wish i could spend more time with the ppl that matter but life* gets in the way

*sleeping, eating, travelling, breathing, general laziness